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One of the mandates of the church is that we are to be just and act in mercy.
This means defending the vulnerable, providing for those in need, and standing against all forms of injustice.
When we are just and merciful, we put the good news of Jesus on display by showing off God's great love for a broken world.
All  for the glory of God and the good of our city, nation and world.


Beyond the Glass ministers to the needs of families with an incarcerated parent and to the parents coming out of incarceration to be re-equipped through Godly community back into family life.

 Email beyondtheglasschino@gmail.com for more information.


MOHI empowers disadvantaged communities in Africa through education, healthcare, economic development, and evangelism, breaking the cycle of poverty and sharing the hope of Jesus.

Visit mohiafrica.org for more information.


Rancho La Hermosa Orphanage seeks to provide the best home possible for orphaned and abandoned children in Baja Mexico, where they can be transformed by the love of God while being equipped for life.

Visit rancholahermosa.org for more information.

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